On 17 September, the Relais Saint Job acquired an additional showcase. Next-door to our restaurant, ‘Traiteur & Vins du Relais’ is now open seven days a week and offers a selection of biodynamic and natural wines and excellent takeaway meals and foods. 

A huge counter displays essentials such as a choice of salads, cheese fondues, prawn croquettes, hams, wild Argentine red shrimp and smoked salmon, as well as various dishes, ALL of which are made in-house – a point on which we insist. These include poussin, vegetable ravioli, prawns in red or green curry sauce, salmon fillet or cod with ratatouille, quinoa salad, stoemp and pasta. The generous portions are packaged on plates that can be heated in a microwave oven or bain-marie; an aluminium tray is also provided if you prefer a traditional oven. If they are to be consumed on the day you buy them, they are simply covered with cling film, but if you want to keep them (for up to seven days in the fridge), they are packaged in a modified atmosphere on the spot using a professional machine. In this way, we enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without compromising our traditional approach. The snacks include delicatessen products such as tiny sardines from La Guildive with pimento, an utterly irresistible treat that is perfect with aperitifs, for example.


The other part of the shop is the wine cellar, with around a hundred biodynamic and natural wines. Wine lovers will find plenty to surprise their palate in this out-of-the-ordinary collection. Our aim is to offer our guests the opportunity to try out the flavours derived from these still unfamiliar production principles. Our wines are sold by the bottle (prices start at 8 euros) or on a ‘Buy 5, get 1 free’ deal.


Our cellar space is complemented by a range of exceptional spirits including single cask whiskies and rums (cask number, number of bottles, bottling year, age etc.). These precious spirits cost little more than the mass-produced versions, but their quality is definitely superior. Traiteur & Vins du Relais encourages you to explore to your heart’s content by offering a wide selection of wines and spirits for tasting. Why deprive yourself? 


Address and opening hours:

Come and discover our products:

Place de Saint Job, 3 – 1180 Brussels (next-door to the Relais Saint Job), from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. 


We also take orders by phone: 02/375.23.01

By Curry Ketchup